Do you have what it takes to take over Grandpa's sushi shop? Sushi Mayhem combines the best of Match Three and Time Management gameplay into a fun and challenging experience. Keep customers happy by filling orders as quickly as possible. Everytime you reach the daily goal Grandpa will teach you a new recipe! Sushi Mayhem will automatically save no matter where you are in the game so you can pick up and play anytime.

  • Daily Specials - Every day features a new menu of sushi for your customers to order
  • Fun Graphics - Lots of characters and ever-changing board pieces
  • 30 Recipes - 30 unique sushi recipes for you to master
  • Difficulty Options - Sushi Mayhem features three different difficulty settings. You choose how challenging the game is
  • Designed Specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Built-in Tutorial - Instructions are built into the game. Pickup and play within seconds
  • Autosave Feature - Game will automatically save your progress if you get a call or exit the game